1.comparative adj.比较的,相当的

【商务用语】comparative advantage 相对优势

comparative advertising 货比货式广告

comparative cost advantage 比较成本利益

comparative balance sheet 比较资本负债表

2.compensate vt.补偿,偿还,付酬金

【例句】The company compensates her for extra work.  公司因她的额外工作而给她报酬。

3.compensation n.补偿,赔偿,报酬

【商务用语】incentive compensation 奖金

delay compensation 延迟补偿;交货逾期补偿

demand compensation 索赔

loss compensation 损失补偿

【例句】Equal compensation should be given to men and women for equal work.  男女同工应同酬。

4.competition n.竞争

【商务用语】commercial competition 商业竞争

domestic competition 国内竞争

economic competition 经济竞争

exchange competition 外汇竞争

【例句】Because there is so much unemployment ,the competition for jobs is very fierce.  由于失业的人如此众多,就职竞争十分激烈。

5.complain vt.抱怨,控诉

【例句】They complained that the wages were too low.  他们抱怨工资过低。