Sales of Michael Jackson's music have skyrocketed since he died suddenly last Thursday, returning the late pop star to the top-selling spot he held more than once during his career.
自迈克尔•杰克逊(Michael Jackson)上周四突然去世以来,他的音乐专辑销量猛增,将这位已故流行歌曲之王推上了畅销榜榜首。杰克逊在自己的演唱生涯中曾经不止一次登上过这个位置。

U.S. retailers sold 415,000 albums by Michael Jackson in the four days following his death last week, according to the Nielsen Co.'s SoundScan, compared with a fewer than 10,000 copies in the previous full week. More than half of those album sales were digital downloads made on services such as Apple Inc.'s (AAPL) iTunes and Inc.'s (AMZN) AmazonMP3.
据尼尔森(Nielsen Co.)旗下SoundScan的数据,自上周杰克逊去世后的四天来,美国零售商销售了41.5万张杰克逊的专辑,而此前一整周的销量不到1万张。专辑销量中有一半以上是从苹果公司(Apple Inc.)的iTunes和亚马逊公司( Inc.)的AmazonMP3等网络服务下载的数字音乐专辑。

In addition, he sold more than 2.3 million digitally downloaded songs since his death. That compares with 37,000 song downloads during the previous week.

Jackson currently occupies the top nine spots on the SoundScan catalog chart, which tracks albums released more than two years ago. His most-popular albums in the past few days have been: 'Number Ones,' 'The Essential Michael Jackson' and 'Thriller.'
杰克逊目前占据了SoundScan分类排行榜中的前九个。该排行榜跟踪推出时间在两年以上的专辑。过去几天中,杰克逊最受欢迎的专辑是《Number Ones》、《The Essential Michael Jackson》和《Thriller》。