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So, Jim, what did you know about doing business in China before you made your first trip there? Very little, actually. These days there's a lot of literature and advice out there. I had heard about the principle of Guanxi before I went to China, but I hadn't really realised how important a part of business culture it was. What is Guanxi, exactly ? It refers to relationships or connections with people that are built on trust and have been developed over a long time. These relationships are based on shared experience, people operating in a similar field, and often also on the exchange of gifts or favours. But if you're an outsider, that must make life very difficult. You don't have a shared background as such. That's right. You don't have those networks and for that reason you're gonna have to be patient, because it takes time to develop them.
所以,Jim,在你第一次来中国经商之前,你知道中国商业的情况吗? 说真的,非常少。这些天,在那里有很多的学术文献和建议。在我来中国之前,我已经听说“关系”的原则,但是我没有意识到它是商业文化多么重要的一个部分。 其实关系准确来说是什么? 它指的是建立在信任基础上并经过很长时间的发展而形成的人与人之间的关系或联系。这些关系建立在人们共有的经历,人们在相似的领域工作,和交换的礼物和喜好。 但如果你是局外人,生活会很苦难。你没有共同的背景像是.... 是的,你没有这些关系,所以你要更加耐心去建立这些关系,它需要时间去经营和发展。 ——By lsy34