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There's a saying, I don't know who by, that you should "invest in land, because they don't make it any more." I think that's good advice. Around 2004 there started to be a lot of stories in the media about company pensions and private pensions not delivering the benefits they had promised, mainly because they were linked to stock market investments. At that point I decided to withdraw my money from my own private pension and put it into property. I figured that if I bought a small office building, then by the time I reached retirement age, I would have paid off the mortgage and could live off the rent, so that's what I did. I realised quite early on that my state pension wasn't going to be sufficient, so I took out a private one when I was about 30. It works like a managed investment fund, a mixture of blue-chip stocks, so I don't really have much say in how the money is invested. Unfortunately, like a lot of private pension schemes, it hasn't really performed as predicted. I think the projected growth rate was between 8 and 12% and it's grown at about 4.5%, which isn't much above inflation. There are signs that the stock markets are doing a little better now, so I'm hopeful that in the long run I will have reasonable funds for my retirement. Would I advise anyone to do the same, with hindsight, probably not .
有这样一个说法,你应该投资土地,因为它是不可再生的。我想这是很好的建议。2004前后,媒体报道了许多关于公司退休金和私人退休金并没有按所承诺的为退休者提供福利,主要是因为它们与股票市场投资相连。在那时,我决定取出我个人退休金账户中,转而投资房地产。我算过,如果我买一栋小办公楼,到我退休时,我已经付清了贷款,并能靠租金过活。 我很早就发觉我的国家退休金并不足以保证退休后的生活,因为在我30岁时,我取出了个人部分。这就像是托管投资基金,蓝筹股的混合,所以我对于投资没有太多的话要说。很不幸地,像许多个人退休金计划一样,国家退休金的表现并未像预期一样。我想的预期增幅是6%-12%,但实际上是4.5%,明显高于通货膨胀。现在,市场有迹象更看好股票市场。所以我希望在长期,我能有合理的退休资金。我会不会建议别人也这样做?事后看来,不会。 ——译文来自: ouyangkate