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So does the accumulating debt matter? Some say that as long as asset values rise faster than debt, there's no problem. In 2005 Americans were $12 trillion in debt, but their personal assets stood at $64 trillion. Others argue that we are sitting on a time-bomb. Asset value will not continue to rise indefinitely and when they crash, millions of people will be plunged into negative equity. Liabilities remain the same but assets can go up and down in value. This was the case with stock market values, which saw sharp falls around 2000. Crisis was averted only because investors moved their money into real estate. For millions of Americans this only confirmed the culture Alan Greenspan had been promoting, debt is good. And if he turns out to be wrong, well, we all had fun in the meantime.
所以积累的债务问题怎么办呢?有些人说只要资产价值上升比债务快,那就没问题。2005年,美国人负债12万亿美元,但他们个人资产达到64万美元。其他人则认为我们坐在一个定时炸弹上。 当它们崩溃的时候,资产价值必定不会继续上升,成百万的人将陷入负资产的境地。负债一样,但资产的价值可以高也可以低。这与股票市场价值差不多,突然间下降到2000市值左右。危机是可以避免的,只是因为投资者将资金投入到房地产行业。 对于许多的美国人来说,这仅仅证实了艾伦·格林斯潘所推动的文化,债务是好的。如果证明这结论是错的,那么,我们现在应该都会快乐吧。 ——By lsy34