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Now, Dale Freidman, I know you have a very different approach. I would say so, yes. In my line of business, it's all about perceived benefits. There are some tangible ones like, for example, use of natural ingredients in our deodorants, but everyone in the industry copies ideas, so it's difficult to sustain any kind of technical competitive advantage for long. So, I use a lot of anecdotes when I sell. I tell stories, get people laughing, My approach is direct, I guess some might say pushy, but I get results. I deal only with the decision maker, who's generally a buyer for a chain of stores. You'd be amazed how much time people waste talking to the wrong guy. I always start by presenting them with the most expensive options, because this increases our average sales, and as soon as I get a buying signal from them. It could be anything, you know, just a question like "What's your most popular product?" I move in and close the sale by discussing quantities required, special delivery arrangements, favourable payment terms, thing that make them feel they're getting added value.
现在,Dale Freidman, 我知道你有一个非常不一样的方法。 我承认我的方法可能会不太一样。在该行业,所有都是关于情感利益。还有一些有形资产,像除臭剂中天然成分的使用,但工厂中的每个人都拿了这方法,所以很难维持任何一种科技的竞争优势。所以当我销售的时候我用了很多逸闻。我讲故事,逗别人笑。我的方法很直接,有些人可能会说我鲁莽,但我得到了结果。通常,我只和连锁店的决策者交易。你可能会很惊讶人们浪费了多少时间在和错误的对象交谈。我通常会先向他们介绍最昂贵的选用件,因为能够增加我们的平均销售额,而且我能尽快地获得他们的成交信号。成交信号可以是任何事物,像“什么是是最受欢迎的产品?”我可以通过讨论所需产品的数量,特别的快递安排,优惠的付款条件,一些他们认为获得产品附加值的方法来控制和达成交易。 ——By lsy34