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最后三个单词为by text message
I'm going to show you a short film of a coaching session in a moment, but before I do, I will just mention something about the rewards of the job, and the qualifications and resources that you need for it because these are questions that will be concerning many of you. The rewards, well, job satisfaction is, of course, very high. I mean, how often do you come home from work and are able to say, "Wow, I really made a difference to someone's life today"? As to financial rewards, sessions with coaches usually start at about £70 per hour but experienced coaches can earn anything up to £400 per hour. As to qualifications, you will need to follow an accredited coaching course, such as the ones we run here at the academy, and also you will need considerable experience in the field that you are coaching in. If you don't have this background it will be difficult for the client to have confidence in you. What else do you need to set up as a coach? Most coaching is done at the client's office or home, but some coaches also see people at their own homes. In fact there's no need always to meet face-to-face. I know of several coaches who conduct sessions by phone or online, even sometimes by text message.
我一会儿会放给你们看一部关于辅导授课的小电影,但是在这之前,我正好要说起一些关于这份工作报酬的事情,还有你们所需要的学历和资料因为这些问题是你们中的很多人人所关心的。 工作报酬,是的,这份工作的满意度当然是非常高的。我的意思是,你多久会下班回到家,能说,“哇,我今天真的让某人的生活有了改变”这样的话吗?关于财政报酬,辅导授课一般都是从每小时70英镑起的,但是有经验的辅导教师无论如何都能挣到400英镑每小时。关于学历,你将需要上公认的教练课程,比如我们在这里的学院开办的课程,你也需要在你所教的这一领域中有足够多的经验。如果你没有这些背景的话,那对你的客户而言是很难对你有信心的。 那你当辅导教师还需要什么别的吗?大多数的授课是在客户的办公室或是家里完成的,但是也有一些辅导教师是在他们自己家里见客户的。事实上,也不需要一直和客户面对面这样的见面。我知道很多辅导教师是通过电话或网络,甚至是短信授课的。 ——译文来自: SibylBei