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I imagine most of you are here today because you want to find out more about the job of a coach. Some of you will be sceptical about its benefits, others will have already started making a career out of coaching. I myself have been a coach since the late 90s, but our academy was set up more recently in 2004 in response to a demand for more formal training in the field. We are a private institution and don't rely on any government funding. Our aim was to try to professionalise an industry which until then had been, in this country at any rate, rather disorganised and unregulated. We now have over 450 members and run 12 courses a year in various types of coaching. These range from day seminars for people who are already practising as coaches to four-week courses for the beginner.
我想今天大多数在场的你们都是像了解更多关于辅导教师这个工作。你们其中的有些人对做辅导教师的好处半信半疑,其余的已经准备开始辅导教师这个职业。 我在90世纪后期就开始做辅导教师,但我们学院在2004年才建立,为了在辅导教师这个领域有更多正式的训练。我们是私人的机构,不依赖于政府的基金。我们的目标是要在一个没有秩序的国家里,尝试专业化公司。我们现在有450个成员,在种类繁多的教练课程中,我们每年运作12个课程。这些日常研讨会是给那些已经上了四个星期有关辅导教师的课程或者是初学者。 ——By lsy34