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At Oracle there's a greater sense of urgency. It's a stressful environment, but the rewards are huge. I know some reps there who are making millions of dollars. Sure, if you don't cut it, you're toast pretty fast, but that's business. It's survival of the fittest. The differences really come from the nature of the two businesses. Oracle's core product is databases and with databases the customer often makes a decision whether to buy or not in a matter of weeks. With ERP applications, which is more PeopleSoft territory, you can be in discussions with customers for months, analysing their needs and then proposing the right solution before a sale is agreed. So that naturally makes for a different culture. The other thing is that the merger happened really quickly, like marrying before you've really got to know the bride. So, of course people are uncertain. I think in the end, though, as both sets of employees adapt to each other's way of working, things will settle down.
在Orcale,有很大的压迫感,这是一个压力重重的环境,不过回报也是相当可观的。我认识几个赚了上千万美元的推销员,当然,如果你做得不成功的话,你会很快被贬得一文不值。但是推销员就是看业务能力,这就是优胜劣汰,适者生存。这两家公司真正的差异来自于他们的性质。Orcale公司的核心产品是数据库,有了数据库,客户通常能在几个星期决定是否购买产品。有了ERP应用程序,它比PeopleSoft应用程序拥有更多的资料,你能够和客户讨论数月,分析他们的需要,在销售成功之前,提出合适的解决方案。因此,性质的不同产生了不同的文化。另外,企业的合并也很快,像结婚前你才真正了解新娘。所以,人们是具有不确定性。我认为到最后,两组雇员适应了互相的工作方式,事情会安顿下来。 ——By lsy34