Preparing for BEC Higher Reading

Candidates should
给应试者的建议 the rubrics for each part carefully. This may save time as you can give information about the overall context for the text.
仔细审题。通过审题可以了解整篇文章的大致内容,做题时可以节省时间。 through the whole of the texts for Parts 1-3 before attempting the questions. If you start answering questions too hastily by selecting the first options that look possible superficially, you may later discover that you were wrong and waste time doing the questions all over again.

3.make sure that the answers for Part 1 are justified in terms of genuine paraphrases in the texts or extracts, equivalent to the statements, and are not based on a purely superficial resemblance, such as simple ‘word-spotting’.

4.make sure in Part 2 that each sentence chosen to fit into each gap fits both grammatically and in terms of the meaning of the text both before and after the gap.
做第二部分时,所填的每句句子都要和上下句联系起来看,要做到意思通顺,语法正确。 the whole of each sentence in Part 6 before deciding whether a line is correct or identifying an error in it; this is likely to involve reading the next line or previous lines.