Book value 账面价值(反映在账簿上的资产值)

  e.g. The old photocopier is still useful, although its book value is almost nothing.

  Boring and repetitive 单调重复的

  e.g. In general, the computer serves best in doing all the jobs which are boring and repetitive, such as producing invoices and statements.

  Bottom-end of the market 低端市场

  e.g. A large computer hardware retailer positioned itself at the bottom-end of the market by undercutting all its competitors.

  Bottom line 账本底线,盈亏一览结算线

  e.g. You run millions of dollars through all that and you come out with nothing on the bottom line.

  e.g. we never lost sight of the bottom line.

  Bounce (电子邮件)弹回,退回

  Bounce message (电子邮件器给发信人的)退件通知

  Bounced cheque 拒付支票

  e.g. Charges can be very high for bounced cheque, and administration fees are charged each time the debt increases.

  Boundaryless marketing 无界营销

  e.g. The notion of boundaryless marketing was fist used by Jack Welch, chairperson and CEO of General Electric.

  Bourse 证券交易所,证券市场

  e.g. Shares at China’s two bourses fell nearly 20 percent, although a few so-called WTO plays, such as Tianjin Port, still held retail interest


  e.g. shares at china’s two bourses fell nearly 20 percent, although a few so-called wto plays, such as tianjin port, still held retail interest.


  retail adj. original meaning is 零售的. 引申一下, 股市里,以零售的,零散的形式购买的,只有中小股民了box file 文件盒

  eg: The invoice is in the box file marked "invoice".这张发票在标明‘发票’的文件盒里

  brainstorming 集思广益

  eg: Brainstorming can produce a lot of ideas very quickly .


  brainstorming session 集体讨论会

  eg: 1. We're holding a brainstroming session on our new product next Tuesday.


  2. A brainstorming session between the managing director, the marketing director and their accountant produced a new name for the company.


  branch office 分公司

  eg: A decision must be made about whether the branch office is to hold stock or not.


  branch out 拓展业务

  eg: They are branching out to locations around the world.