Lady Gaga is fearless when she's performing, but in real life she's said to be scared of being attacked by a crazed fan.

A source said: Gaga thinks some of the fan mail has been pretty ominous. Some of her fans are completely obsessed -- they make weird comments like saying they won’t be happy until they die with her.

“She worries over how John Lennon died and fears the same happening to her. She has these horrible thoughts that there may be plans to kill her.

“Her security team are always close by. She is becoming more and more reliant on them and won’t go anywhere alone. Her bodyguard even sits in her room as she sleeps.”

However, the singer’s boyfriend Luc Carl is apparently unimpressed by the constant security presence.

The source added to heat magazine: “Luc is getting a bit sick of having security around all the time. When they’re hanging out at Gaga’s place and her bodyguard is there, it kills the mood. But if she feels safer, he understands.”

在台上表演起来无畏忘我,其实在私底下小天后Lady Gaga却对于一些疯狂歌迷几近失去理智的行为而担心受怕。有消息称,Gaga因为一些歌迷的信件而感到不安,这些歌迷对于她的痴迷程度的确令人不安,甚 有至于歌迷自称,获得快乐的方式便是与Lady Gaga同归于尽。

“她担心类似于约翰-列侬式的悲剧也发生在自己身上,这些疯狂的想法背 后可能让她性命不保的阴谋。”有消息人士告诉媒体,“他的安保团队总是寸步不离,Lady Gaga对于他们的依赖性越来越强,甚至不愿意孤身一人到任何地方,保镖的贴身保护甚至在她睡觉时都没有半点松懈,他们会在房间里守着熟睡的Gaga”