According to Daily Mail July 8, a man had a lucky escape from a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a giant Bengal white tiger at a wildlife park in Arizona, US. Jeff Harwell participates as the prey during a daily routine with the cats, where they chase an inflatable toy being held by him. The tigers are usually busy capturing and popping the toy and do not harm the park workers. But this time Harwell slipped over on the wet grass - and found himself between the two-year-old white tiger called Chalet and his inflatable toy.

The quick-thinking Harwell immediately tries to distract the tiger with the inflatable killer whale they were using for the game.

The tiger's attention is diverted as the killer whale sails over his head.

The tiger reaches out a lethal paw to claw the toy as Harwell quickly rolls to his feet, ready to flee if necessary.

With the tiger safely distracted by the toy, Harwell has had a lucky escape - unlike the killer whale.