There’s no rest when you’re pursuing a dream. Certainly not for Olympic swimmer Ye Shiwen. She won Gold in the 200 meters individual medley in the Short Course World Championship in Istanbul this December. She then went right back to training in her hometown of Hangzhou. Our reporter Ying Yiyuan spoke with her about her wish for the new year.

Yeshiwen starts training at 8:00 every morning. She has to swim about 5000 meters in the three hour training course. Even though she is the world record holder, Olympic champion, and China ’s first grand slam swimming champion, the 16 year old girl doesn’t carry any air of superiority. But her popularity and fame has been a life-changer.

Ye Shiwen said, “I’m really happy that everyone likes me, but it’s not easy for me to go out now. A lot of people ask for photos or signatures, I don’t want to turn them down. But if I give one signature, everyone will come, and then I can not leave.”

The 400 meters individual medley gold medal in the London Olympics has altered her life. But it was not an easy game for her.

Ye Shiwen said, “When I touched the finish line, I still couldn’t see the result. I very much wanted to cry, and felt I would never swim this 400 meters medley again, because it’s tough. I almost wanted to give up when I was doing backstroke. But after I saw the result, my only feeling was happiness.”

Being famous also brings pressure. She was questioned about doping right after her wins.

Ye Shiwen said, “I felt all right at first, it didn’t affect my performance in the coming 200 meter medley. But then more and more people were talking about it. I felt very sad especially when a reporter asked me about it straight after I won the 200 meter medley. But I recovered when I came back to China .”

Ye says the best way to clear public doubts is training, which she never stops doing, even on weekends and holidays. She wishes to keep up a good performance next year.

Ye Shiwen said, “My dream used to be becoming an Olympic champion, now it’s to keep the championship in the next Olympics. I wish to get more gold medals in next year’s national games and world championship.”