James Gallaugher, a 12-year-old Australian, is being hailed the next Usain Bolt by some media outlets after a video began circulating of the young sprinter in action. James catches and then speeds by a relay rival 20 meters ahead of him in the New South Wales primary schools championships.

James, who is from Ulladulla, has run an official electronic time of 11.7 seconds in the 100 meters, which EuroSport pointed out would have won the 1896 Olympics and "is faster than any recorded in Australia or the United States" for his age.

"He is a freak and I mean that in the very best way," James' coach, Scott Richardson, said in the article.

James appears to be a genuine prodigy. Richardson said he began working with the lad just last year, after James nearly won an Australian national championship without proper coaching, the Daily Telegraph notes.
詹姆斯看起来真的是一位天才少年。根据《每日电讯报》的报道,理查德森是在去年开始指导这个年轻人的,在那之前, 没有接受过正规训练的詹姆斯差点在澳大利亚的一项国家级赛事中赢得冠军。

"He has just got the build and the legs and just the natural propensity to running with a good technique without much interference," the coach told the paper.

More than one of Australia's rugby league teams are monitoring the football mad kid, too, presumably with an eye to picking up and developing an unstoppable winger.

But they may be too late already, as Gallaugher's head appears to have been turned towards the track. "Footy is more fun because you play with your mates but I want to be a runner," he said. "It just feels good to be in front."