Hey, what's up? This is Usain Bolt, fastest man in the world. I'm on the show of new Puma fragrance. So I'm gonna get up to the set and I will do some stuff today. All about business. Watch me.
And this is what we try to do today is to shoot the places at the daytime so we can do lights that Usain and his jogging I bringing up. And then we shoot the exact same places at night so we can examine how we can do it light while being in the middle of it.
My name is Rachel. I'm from Miami and I'm playing the lead girl. We just kept running after each other and now I was just running next to the fastest man in the world and this is pretty interesting.
The purpose of the commercial is Bolt is coming running through this neighborhood and I guess it's sort of a night into day. And as he's running he's bringing the light into the neighborhood.
Puma Yellow and Green, bring on today.
All right.
It was great to work with Usain Bolt. He was quite nice and relaxed.
Hey, so this is Usain Bolt saying this is the end of the shoot. Thanks Puma for everything, for here's hottest shoot you can get. So people, I'm out, peace.
That's what's up.