One of the Queen's corgis, which featured in the James Bond skit at the London Olympic opening ceremony, has died, Buckingham Palace has confirmed.

Monty, 13, who originally belonged to the Queen Mother, died over the weekend, the Daily Mail reported.

Monty had a starring role in the Bond skit performed by the Queen and actor Daniel Craig when he, along with corgis Holly and Willow, ran down the stairs to greet Craig and escort him to meet the Queen.
在007扮演者丹尼尔 克雷格和女王一起拍摄的《007短片》中,蒙蒂和另外两只柯基犬Holly, Willow一起,从楼梯上跑下来迎接007先生,并陪他一起去觐见女王陛下。

They performed a series of belly rolls, and escorted the pair to their helicopter where a Queen look-a-like took over.

The breed has been associated with the Windsors since 1933, when the future George VI bought his first pembroke corgi.

Monty was named after Monty Roberts, the American subject of a BBC documentary, A Real Horse Whisperer, according to the Sunday Times.

Roberts, 77, who advises the Queen on horses and corgis, has reportedly offered her a corgi puppy to carry on the tradition, reported the Daily Mail.

Monty was part of the pack which attacked Princess Beatrice's dog Max last month.

The 11-year-old terrier nearly lost an ear and suffered several gruesome bites.

The palace also confirmed the death of Cider, a dorgi, or dachshund-corgi cross-breed. It is not known exactly how they died, although it is believed to be natural causes. Two other dorgis, Candy and Vulcan, remain.