Every four years, the world comes together for two weeks of competition, comradery and national pride for the Olympic Games. Athletes from around the world have the chance to gain national and international fame while capturing the attention of spectators around the world.

There is a rich history behind the founding and development of the Olympics that has many twists and turns. Ten of the historical Olympic facts are included below. Some of the facts may surprise you:

1.Record of the Olympics dates back to 776 BC. But it is believed that the god greek demigod Heracles, son of Zeus founded the games many years before.
1. 关于奥运会的记录可追溯至公元前776年。但通常人们认为是希腊神话中宙斯的儿子,大力士英雄赫拉克勒斯在更早的时候创办了这些比赛。

2.The Olympics were created to honor 12 Olympian gods and were hosted in the gardens of the ancient Greek city Olympia.
2. 奥运会的创办是为了表达对奥林匹亚山上12位天神的尊敬。当时,奥运会在希腊古城奥林匹亚城中的花园内举行。

3.After 12 centuries, Roman Emperor Theodosius banned them in 393 AD under accusations of pagan motivations. But French Baron Pierre de Coubertin reinstated the Games in the late 19th century.
3. 在12个世纪之后,罗马皇帝狄奥多西以这是异教徒居心不良的活动为由,于公元393年禁止了奥运会。然而在19世纪后期,法国男爵顾拜旦恢复了奥运会比赛。

4.The first and only Games event was a 192 meter run; which is about 0.1 mile. The race was referred to as a stadio which is where the term stadium derives. Only men were allowed to compete in this event.

5.Women were allowed to compete in Equestrian events during the ancient Olympics. The first modern Olympics allowing women to compete (only in Tennis) was in 1900, in Paris, France. Additional sports were added over 30 years.
5. 古代奥运会允许女性参加马术的比赛项目。而在现代奥运会中,直到1900年巴黎奥运会女性运动员才被允许参加,而且比赛项目只限于网球。直到30年后,女性才得以参加其他项目的比赛。

6.The most decorated Olympian is American swimmer Michael Phelps. The swimmer broke a 48-year record held by Ukranian and former USSR athlete Larissa Latynina with 18 total medals (nine gold, five silver, four bronze). They were earned in the 1956, 1960 and 1964 Olympics. Michael Phelps broke this record during the 2012 London Olympics. His medal count is 15 gold, two silver, and two broze. 
6. 美国游泳名将“飞鱼”菲尔普斯是历史上获得奖牌数最多的奥运会选手。他打破了由前苏联选手,乌克兰人拉里莎-拉特尼娜创造的历史,而这一历史记录已经维持了48年。拉特尼娜在1956年、1960年和1964年三届奥运会中,共获得了18块奖牌,其中9块金牌,5块银牌,4块铜牌。截止此次伦敦奥运会,菲尔普斯打破了这一记录。他总共获得了15块金牌,2块银牌和2块铜牌。

7.The most decorated country competing in the Olympics is the United States. Over the span of 28 Olympic Games, the United States accumulated 2,511 medals (Based on records from 1896-2008).
7. 美国是赢得奖牌数最多的参赛国家。自1896年至2008年,美国共参加了28届奥运会,总共获得了2511块奖牌。

8.A Winter Olympics were added to the competition in 1924 in Chamonix, France. The original events were alpine and cross-country skiing, ice hockey, Nordic compined, ski jumping, speed skating and figure skating. 
8. 冬季奥运会首次出现在1924年。第一届冬奥会在法国夏蒙尼举行。最初的比赛项目包括高山滑雪、越野滑雪、冰上曲棍球、北欧混合项目、跳台滑雪、速度滑冰和花样滑冰。

9.The most expensive Olympics to-date is Bejing, China in 2008. The country spent nearly $42 billion to host the event. While there is much debate over the cost of hosting the Olympics and the return value, many believe that the spike in international attention will positively affect tourism for many years.
9. 至今花费最昂贵的奥运会是2008年北京奥运会。为了举办这届奥运会,中国花费了将近420亿美元(约2670亿人民币)。虽然关于如此高昂的代价和最终回报仍有争议,很多人们相信如此在世界范围内收获的注意力,将在很长一段时间内拉动当地的旅游业。

10.British artist David Watkins designed the medals for the 2012 London Olympics. There is usually an architectural theme for all Olympic Games and the artists chosen to design medals must follow the guidelines for the Games. 
10. 英国艺术家大卫-沃特金斯为此次2012伦敦奥运会设计了奖牌。通常,每届奥运会会有一个建筑学上的主题。而被挑中的艺术家需以此为方向设计奖牌。