David Cameron’s presence in the audience as Gemma Gibbons lost her judo final has fuelled internet jokes about a 'curse of Cameron' that blights British sportsmen and women he watches.
在首相卡梅伦的注视下,英国选手杰玛·吉本斯输掉了女子78公斤级柔道决赛。而这也为网友们一直在调侃的“卡梅伦诅咒” 又添了一把火。此前在卡梅伦观赛的情况下,已有几位英国选手输掉比赛。

When Bradley Wiggins goes for gold tomorrow afternoon in the men's cycling time trial the Tour de France champion could be forgiven for checking the crowd nervously for the face of the prime minister, who is starting to get a reputation as a bit of a jinx.

So far both Bradley Wiggins' cycling colleague Mark Cavendish and Olympic poster boy Tom Daley have been denied medals by what has been dubbed the "Curse of Cameron".

The prime minister was present at the trackside when Cavendish failed to win Team GB's first Gold of the Games as expected.

And he was in the stands when Daley and his partner Peter Waterfield came an agonising fourth in the synchronized diving.

The curse is not restricted to the Olympics. A few weeks ago Cameron was at Wimbledon to see Andy Murray let slip a lead against Roger Federer in the tennis.

Fortunately for Britain's male gymnasts however the prime minister stayed away from the North Greenwich Arena last night where they won the country's first medal in the event for 100 years.

Although suspicions were raised that Cameron had peeked his head round the door after the team's medal was downgraded from silver to bronze.

Nerves may also be frayed in the Team GB beach volleyball camp, as the event is taking place in Horse Guards Parade next door to Cameron's Downing Street home.

The British hopefuls must be crossing their fingers that the curtains are drawn during their matches.