On Monday, top US coach John Leonard questioned Chinese teen swimmer Ye Shiwen's record-breaking 400m swim as 'unbelievable' and 'disturbing'. Ye passed a drugs test, while angry Chinese supporters, including Shiwen's father, have hit back at 'the arrogance of the west'. Does Leonard owe Ye Shiwen an apology?
周一,美国队总教练John Leonard质疑中国女子游泳运动员叶诗文,认为她400米的破纪录之举乃是令人不安且难以置信的。叶诗文此前已通过药检,而愤怒的中国支持者抨击之前部分“西方媒体的狂妄自负”,其中就包括叶诗文的父亲。如今叶诗文通过药检,Leonard是否该为其言论向叶诗文致歉呢?


TotallyBlunt:When I read about the American coach's comment, I didn't think arrogant West. I thought jealous and unable to accept competition.

Brownly:No. He doesn't need to make any special apology.Even though the girl's been cleared, the initial suspicion was fair. Though if asked about it, I hope Leonard will be gracious.

legaff:As I have said countless times over the past few days, what we are seeing is the investment the Chinese team made in the pool in the lead-up to Beijing (Sun Yang being another who has benefited from their investment). Ye Shiwen is the product of incredible work & scientific selection processes that the China team have been working toward for over a decade. Her performances simply must be applauded rather than doubted.If she wasn't Chinese, I am not sure Leonard would have made his comments public.

ddarko:I look forward to John Leonard questioning the legitimacy of 41-year-old American swimmer Dara Torres winning a silver medal in the 50m freestyle at the Beijing Olympics with a time that set an American record. I expect we'll never hear it.
“我很好奇John Leonard会不会质疑北京奥运期间41岁的美国运动员Dara Torres 50米自由泳夺取银牌的合法性。那个时候Dara也破了美国记录。我们应该从来没听过Leonard质疑Dara吧!”