China's Sun Yang broke Grant Hackett's 1,500 metres freestyle world record on Sunday to take world championships gold and stake his claim to succeed the Australian as king of long-distance swimming.
中国游泳运动员孙杨在周日的世界游泳锦标赛中获得了金牌,同时打破了由Grant Hackertt所保持的1500迷自由泳世界纪录,继这位澳大利亚人之后登上了长距游泳之王的宝座。

The 19-year-old Sun clocked 14 minutes 34.14 seconds after a blistering final 100 metres to eclipse the 14:34.56 the now retired Hackett set in Fukuoka in 2001.

It had been the longest-standing record still on the books following a glut of records at the last world championships in Rome in 2009 when swimmers wearing the now banned polyurethane swimsuits set 43 records.

Canada's Ryan Cochrane took the silver in 14:44.46, while Hungary's Gergo Kis won bronze in 14:45.66.
加拿大选手RyanCochrane用14分44秒46获得银牌,而匈牙利选手Gergeo Kis使用14分45秒66获得铜牌。

"The coach told me before the race to focus on the gold medal and not to worry about breaking the world record," Sun said.

"It's not surprising, I had thought about it (breaking the record) before," he added in reference to the 14:35.43 he achieved at the Asian Games last year.

The gangly Sun, who had also won the 800 freestyle in Shanghai, controlled the race from start to finish.

While Cochrane kept within a body length of the 19-year-old Chinese for the first half, he was unable to stay with him after that and Sun kicked away.

Sun had looked unlikely to break Hackett's record as he was slipping consistently outside the world record split times until the final 300 metres when he noticeably accelerated his pace.