The Olympic and Paralympic mascots don't yet have names but are said to'respect each other'and are 'very good friends'. One has an athletic figure and a strong sense of justice. The other is a cherry blossom-inspired superhero.

Meet the new Olympic and Paralympic mascots that the Tokyo 2020 organisers hope will whip up enthusiasm for the Games – and drive merchandise sales. All up, 2,042 individuals and groups submitted designs that they hoped would capture the public's affection.

Experts whittled the list down to three design pairs, which were then opened up for voting by millions of school students across Japan. Nearly 600 cheering schoolchildren attended a ceremony in Tokyo's Shinagawa ward on Wednesday to hear the results of that vote.

The winning designer, Ryo Taniguchi, is an illustrator from Fukuoka in southern Japan. “I'm just so spaced out at the moment,” he said when the decision was announced. “I just want to tell my beloved wife that I've been chosen.”
吉祥物投票选举的最终胜利者是Ryo Taniguchi,一个来自日本南部福冈的插图画家。“听到结果的那一刻自己都不敢相信,”当公布投票结果是他说道,“我只想告诉我深爱的妻子我的作品被选上了。”

[en]The selection of mascots had attracted wide publicity across Japan. Some 200,000 classes at 16,000 schools took part in selection process./en]