Direction : For this part, you are allowed 30minutes to write a short essay on the challenges of living in a big city. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.






With the development of transportation system and information technology, many people choose to move to big cities for more opportunities, higher salaries, and a colorful life. However, living in big cities also means facing greater challenges.


Firstly, the competition in big cities is much fiercer than the counterpart in small cities, because big cities gather hundreds and thousands of elites from the whole country, even worldwide. This means you need to keep improving themselves to maintain their living conditions in big cities. Otherwise, your place may be taken place by others quickly.


Secondly, big cities also mean higher living spend, including rent and food. Therefore, people need to secure jobs with high salaries to pay for various expenses in big cities.


Thirdly, if young people move to big cities, it may cause that they have to leave their families, which may lead to homesickness and aloneness sometimes. Thus, they have to either set up homes in the new cities or return their hometown after several years.


Due to the challenges mentioned above, although there are abundant opportunities in big cities, people should consider their own situations carefully, before making the decisions to move to big cities.