Part 3 Chinese to English Interpreting


Good evening. It is a pleasure to join you all atthe Montreal en Lumière festival. Light represents justice, hope, and future. Humankind's worship and love of light are universal. All beautiful things have something to do with light. In Christianity, light is an embodiment of warmth. In China, we also have the Lantern Festival.


人类普遍热爱光:Humankind's worship and love of light are universal.这种译文如果处理不好,会显得非常的别扭,注意此处普遍一词的选词以及位置安排。


The world-famous Montreal en Lumière festival inherits the glorious history of Montreal and heralds a bright future for this great city. Like Montreal, Shenzhen is also a city full of vigour and promise. More than 30 years ago, Shenzhen was only a small fishing village in Southern China's Guangdong Province. It is now an international metropolis with a population over 18 million. Shenzhen's spectacular development is an epitome of China's reform and opening-up.



预示这个伟大城市更加的光明未来:heralds a bright future注意积累,

是中国改革开放的成功范例:an epitome of China's reform and opening-up.


We appreciate that the hosting committee invited Shenzhen to attend this festival of lights this year. I think the festival offers a significant platform for the two cities to strengthen friendship and identify more and new opportunities for cooperation. Forty-five years ago, there was no direct air link between our two countries. Now there are 132 direct flights every week between Chinese and Canadian cities. Forty-five years ago, only 3,000 people travelled to and from China and Canada a year. Now the daily figure is over 3,000.



中加之间没有直航there was no direct air link between our two countries。


I would like to express our special thanks to theMayor of Montreal who led a largest trade mission to China a few months ago. The launch of non-stop flights between Beijing and Montreal makes it more convenient for economic cooperation and for cultural and people-to-people exchanges between China and Canada, particularly Montreal.I am sure that if both sides work together, China-Canada relations will have a future as bright as the lights of the Montreal en Lumière festival. Thank you.


中加关系将迎来如蒙特利尔灯光节同样光明的未来。China-Canada relations will have a future as bright as the lights of the Montreal en Lumière festival.注意此处英语和汉语之间的差距,我们只能说,像光一样亮,而不能说像灯光节一样亮,英语的译文要合理,这也是保证译文通顺易懂的一个基本原则。