Part III Listing Comprehension
Section A

Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations. At the end of each conversation, one or more questions will be asked about what was said. Both the conversation and the questions will be spoken only once. After each question there will be a pause. veduchina During the pause, you must read the four choices marked A), B), C) and D), and decline which is the best answer. Then marked the corresponding letter on Answer Sheet 2 with a single line through the centre.

A)Plan his budget carefully
B)Give her more information.
C)Ask someone else for advice.
D)Buy a gift for his girlfriend.

A)She'll have some chocolate cake.
B)She'll take a look at the menu.
C)She'll go without dessert.
D)She'll prepare the dinner.

A)The man can speak a foreign language.
B)The woman hopes to improve her English.
C)The woman knows many different languages.
D)The man wishes to visit many more countries.

A)Go to the library.
B)Meet the woman.
C)See Professor Smith.
D)Have a drink in the bar.

A)She isn't sure when Professor Bloom will be back
B)The man shouldn't be late for his class.
C)The man can come back sometime later.
D)She can pass on the message for the man.

A)He has a strange personality.
B)He's got emotional problems.
C)His illness is beyond cure.
D)His behavior is hard to explain.
A)The tickets are more expensive than expected.
B)The tickets are sold in advance at half price.
C)It's difficult to buy the tickets on the spot.
D)It's better to the tickets beforehand.
A)He turned suddenly and ran into a tree.
B)He was hit by a fallen box from a truck.
C)He drove too fast and crashed into a truck.
D)He was trying to overtake the truck ahead of him.

Questions 19 to 21 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
A) To go boating on the St. Lawrence River
B) To go sightseeing in Quebec Province
C) To call on a friend in Quebec City
D) To attend a wedding in Montreal

A) Study the map of Quebec Province
B) Find more about Quebec Province
C) Brush up on her French
D) Learn more about the local customs

A) It's most beautiful in summer
B) It has many historical buildings.
C) It was greatly expanded in the 18th century.
D) It's the only French-speaking city in Canada.

Questions 22 to 25 are based on the conversation you have just heard.
A) It was about a little animal.
B) It took her six years to write.
C) It was adapted from a fairy tale.
D) It was about a little girl and her pet.

A) She knows how to write best-selling novels.
B) She can earn a lot of money by writing for adults.
C) She is able to win enough support from publishers.
D) She can make a living by doing what she likes.

A) The characters.
B) Her ideas.
C) The readers.
D) Her life experiences.

A) She doesn't really know where they originated
B) She mainly drew on stories of ancient saints.
C) They popped out of her childhood dreams.