1. 不跟队形:英国马拉松仅一人完成比赛,后面五千人跑错路

5,000 runners have been told they fell short of completing a marathon by just 264m because of an organisational blunder.

Runners in the Marathon of the North took the wrong route along part of the course in Sunderland because they were given the wrong directions.

Organisers said the marshalling error meant all but one of the competitors did not complete the full marathon.



2. 火星不哭:印度怀疑中国用无人机监视印度,研究了半年发现那只是火星

India's army reportedly spent six months watching "Chinese spy drones" violating its air space, only to find out they were actually Jupiter and Venus.

It quotes military sources as saying the objects violated the LAC 155 times. So, the army called the Indian Institute of Astrophysics to identify the objects.

It is suggested that the sentry ought to be forgiven, with planets appearing brighter as a result of the different atmosphere at altitude.


3. 黄雀在后:美国怀疑伊拉克有大规模杀伤武器,普京怀疑里面是洗衣液

In a hawkish speech in Warsaw on Wednesday, Obama accused Russia of playing "dark tactics" to violate Ukraine's sovereignty.

The Russian leader dismissed the allegations of Russian military interference in Ukraine, delivering a scathing attack on U.S. attempts to isolate his country over Ukraine crisis.

"Proof? Let's see it!" he said. "The entire world remembers the U.S. secretary of state demonstrating the evidence of Iraq's weapons of mass destruction, waving around some test tube with washing powder in the UN Security Council," he said.


4. 女司机:英国女子14年未驾取驾照 被多所驾校列黑名单

A would-be motorist, who has spent more than £5,000 on 250 lessons over a 14-year period has been blacklisted from her local driving schools due to her failure to pass the test.

Janine Mars, 31, has had five different driving instructors only to fail her practical test four times.
31岁的Janine Mars先后有5位驾驶指导老师,最终四次在考试中挂科。

She said, now the situation is so bad, she cannot find an instructor near her home in Kent, willing to take her because of her poor motoring skills.

It is estimated that during her driving lessons, Ms Mars has driven the equivalent of a road trip between London and Perth in Australia.


5. 怪我咯:青年举枪自杀母亲报警,警察为阻止将其击毙

An 18-year-old Kansas man with a history of mental issues has died after police fired several rounds at him outside a hardware store.

Family members say that Joseph Jennings, 18, had just been released from Ransom Memorial Hospital on Saturday night after he attempted suicide by swallowing some 60 pills.
其家人称,这名名叫 Joseph Jennings的18岁男子曾吞服60颗药片试图自杀,上周六刚从赎金纪念医院释放回家。

Ottowa police were called to the parking lot of Orscheln Farm and Home for a report of a man with a gun — and found Jennings in a 'suicidal state,' his family said.
其家人称,渥太华警方接到报案,赶赴当地一家Orscheln Farm and Home五金店的停车场,发现一名手持手枪的男子——他们发现Jennings有自杀的企图。

The officers confronted Jennings and eventually shot him. Authorities have dodged questions about whether Jennings actually had a weapon and how many times he was shot.