It’s a glorious Friday afternoon here in London. I am sitting in my garden surrounded by trees, flowers and birdsong. It is blissful and I can say that I am truly happy at this moment.

What a perfect moment to share 8 idioms that describe happiness beautifully illustrated in this wonderful infographic.

Here is how you could use them in a sentence:

1. Having a whale of a time
1. Having a whale of a time玩得非常痛快

“Dear Mum and Dad, We are having a whale of a time in San Francisco. Wish you were here with us.”

2. On Cloud Nine
2. On Cloud Nine喜出望外

“Jason has been on cloud nine ever since he heard of his promotion to Sales Director.”

3. Tickled Pink (delighted)
3. Tickled Pink高兴

“Tania is tickled pink. She just won tickets to see One Direction at the O2 Arena next month”.
“塔妮娅乐坏了。她刚刚赢了下个月去看One Direction在伦敦O2体育场演出的门票。

4. On Top of the World
4. On Top of the World站在世界之巅

“I have had a fantastic week. I’m feeling on top of the world”.

5. Happy as a Clam
5. Happy as a Clam心满意足

“I moved to the country six months ago and I am happy as a clam”.

We also use:

Happy as larry (New Zealand origin – British English)
Happy as larry(新西兰起源——英式英语)快活

“David has a bowl of crisps, a few beers and the remote control. He is happy as larry”.

6. Buzzing
6. Buzzing飘飘欲仙

“I am so happy today that I’m buzzing”.

7. Over the Moon
7. Over the Moon狂喜

“Pascale passed all her exams with top marks. She’s over the moon”.

8. In Seventh Heaven
8. In Seventh Heaven极乐世界

“A beach, a book and a mojito cocktail – I am in seventh heaven”.