Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album was Britain's most unwanted present this year. In just two days after Christmas, more than 53,000 copies of the 2011 CD were sold online.
今年英国最不受欢迎的礼物就是Lady Gaga2011年的唱片《Born This Way》了。仅在圣诞节后两天,就有超过5.3万张的该唱片在网上售卖。

Gift-givers also wasted their money on The Inbetweeners Movie, which came second with 47,758 DVDs passed on.

It seems the public has also fallen out of love with the Amy Winehouse classic Back To Black (listed 41,741 times), the latest Bond film Skyfall (39,587), and Pulp Fiction (37,011).
今年,大家对艾米-怀恩豪斯的经典作品《Back To Black》、最新的邦德电影《天降杀机》和《低俗小说》也都不太感兴趣。

Those who found Topshop dresses and Topman t-shirts under the tree were quick to pass them on, with each traded 36,432 and 36,256 times respectively.

Liam Howley, the site's marketing manager, said: 'The period between Christmas and New Year is always one of our busiest times of year, as people don’t want to hang onto presents they have no use for and look for ways to make money to help with January finances.
礼物交易网站的市场经理Liam Howley表示,“每年圣诞和新年期间都是我们一年最忙碌的时候,因为很多人都不希望留着那些对自己没有用的礼物,而是希望把这些礼物换成钱来缓解一月份的收支问题。”

'We know some people put unwanted gifts aside to re-use next Christmas, but a lot of savvy customers take advantage of the unwanted items in the home which they don’t use. We’re here to help them de-clutter and make cash.'