A position in UNIX SYSTEM ADMINSTRATION with an organization desiring creative and innovative solutions to a wide variety of administrative challenges in a Unix environment.

OS: Sun Solaris 2.x, HP_UX (10.x, 11.x), RedHat Linux 5.x, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 95/98,
Programming Language: Shell scripting, Perl, SQL, awk, FORTRAN, C, Visual Basic, HTML
Networking: TCP/IP protocol, Ethernet, NFS, NIS+
Database: Oracle 7.x, Sybase
Hardware: Sun Enterprise Server 3000, Ultra 5S, SparcStation HP D and K Series

Unix System Administrator
Working with a team of three to support 7 Unix servers in a production environment running Oracle, Sybase databases and more than 130 workstations.
Installing and configuring new workstations and servers. Managing IP address. Installing Sun Solaris 2.x and HP 10.x, 11.x operating systems and other internal application software, upgrading Sun Solaris via jumpstart, installing and managing operating system patches
Installing and Configuring Oracle and Sybase servers, setting up environment for database servers, configuring disk subsystem to meet database requirement. Tuning system kernel parameter.
Writing shell and perl scripts to automate routine tasks such as daily backup and automating routine tasks with CRON services
Add new disks, creating new disk partitions and file systems, setting up and managing disk quotas. Configuring the Volume Manager to automount floppy drive and CD-ROM.
System performance tuning and kernel configuration, monitoring CPU, memory usage and disk I/O, identify and fix problem, keep 100% server uptime
Administering NFS, Automount, and NIS+. Setting up and configuring NIS+ client, NFS server and clients. Automating NFS with automount
Developing backup strategy and disaster recovery plan, performing daily, weekly and monthly backup
Managing network services and configurations(rlogin, rcp, ftp, rsh, remsh)
Supporting users in daily tasks procedures


REFERENCE (Available upon request)