小提示: 听听宅男们的囧言囧语,填写对话缺失的部分, 不用带数字序号。注意句子开头要大写哦


-Rajesh: By Odin's beard, this is good Chex Mix.
-Howard: No, thanks. Peanuts. _____________1_____________.
-Sheldon: I'm confused. If there's no _________2________, what are we doing here?
-Leonard: We're socializing, meeting new people.
-Sheldon: _________3_________?
-Penny: Oh, hey, when did you get here?
-Raj:Penny is wearing the worst Catwoman costume I've ever seen. And that includes Halle Berry's.
-Leonard: She's not Catwoman. She's just a ___4___ cat.
-Sheldon: And that's the kind of sloppy costuming which results from a lack of rules and competition.
-Howard: Hey, guys, check out the sexy nurse. I believe it's time for me to _______5_______ and cough.
-Rajesh: What is your move?
-Howard: ______________________6____________________. She brushes her hair back, I brush my hair back... She shrugs, I shrug. Subconsciously she's thinking, We're in sync. We belong together.
-Leonard: Where do you get this stuff?
-Howard: You know, psychology journals, internet research, and there's this great show on VH-1 about how to pick up girls.
-Rajesh: If only I had his ___7___! I have such difficulty speaking to women, or around women... or at times even effeminate men.
I can't afford to swell up in these tights costume parade Telepathically generic turn my head I'm going to use the mirror technique confidence
-Rajesh:我以Odin的胡子发誓,这个很好吃。 -Howard:不,谢谢. 坚果。我穿着紧身衣吞不下去。(afford to do sth.: 买得起某物;承担 swell up:膨胀 tights:紧身衣) -Sheldon:我很迷惑。如果没有戏装游行,我们在这干嘛? -Leonard: 我们在社交,认识些新朋友。 -Sheldon: 通过心灵感应? -Penny: 哦, 嗨, 你们什么时候来的? -Raj:Penny是我见过的打扮最糟的猫女, Halle Berry的也很糟。 -Leonard:她不是猫女,她扮的就是一只普通的猫。 -Sheldon: 这种角色扮演太马虎了,因为缺乏规则和竞争。(sloppy:马虎) -Howard:喂, 伙计们, 看那个性感护士。我想是到了我转头咳嗽的时候了。(turn my head:晕头转向(得意忘形); cough: 咳嗽) -Rajesh:你要干嘛? -Howard: 我准备用镜像技术了。她把头发往后梳,我也往后。她耸肩,我也耸肩。她会想,我们好有缘,我们是天生一对。(brush:梳;shrug:耸肩;subconsciously:下意识的;sync:同步) -Leonard:你从哪学来的? -Howard: 你知道的,心理学杂志, 网上查来的啊。还有VH-1上一个很好的节目,讲如何把妹。 -Rajesh: 如果我有他的自信就好了。我跟女人说话有障碍, 或是在女人周围讲话...... 有时甚至和娘娘腔男人说话也那样。(effeminate:女人气的) (翻译解析提供:脏乖)