This is AP News Minute.

The storm that dumped more than a foot of snow on some parts of the East Coast is causing some major headaches throughout the region. On Sunday, more than three million businesses and home from Maine to Maryland were without power.

At least three people were dead, two others injured after an explosion in Kansas grain elevator. Crews temporarily called off the search for three people reported missing after the blast over safety concerns.

Travelers stranded by a labor dispute in Qantas Airways may be getting some relieves soon. An arbitration court ended the union strikes and employee lockout the airline. Regulators must approve the decision before the airline resume flights.

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher John Axford may not won the World Series pageant. But he took home a different kind of award over the weekend. Axford was named the 2011 Mustached American of the Year. The American Mustache Institute said the Canadian represent the group’s core values of humor, intelligence and good looks.

Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.