Female Speaker: So today, we have some strange animal facts that I bet you didn’t know.

So if you think that the noisiest land animal would be something like an elephant or even a lion’s roar, but its not. It is actually a monkey. The howler monkey is the noisiest land animal and you can hear his cries over two miles away.

So there is a river in east Australia that was named Alligator River. But that was a mistake, because there a no alligators in this river at all, only crocodiles.

Believe it or not, elephant’s teeth are so big, that they can weight up to 12 pounds.

So you can know those little tiny crickets that like to make noise at night. Well in Africa there is a cricket called the giant African cricket and what’s weird about it, is that it actually eats human hair.

So you can know how you usually need about eight hours sleep at night. Well guess how much sleep an elephant needs? An elephant only sleeps about two hours a day.

There is this lizard in New Zealand called that Tuatara and what’s interesting about the Tuatara, is that has 3 eye balls, two in the front and one on the top.

Do you know the Disney movie lion king where the little lion roars? Well, that’s not true, because a lion cannot roar until it is at least two years old.

So I only weigh about a 107 pounds but a full grown Giraffes’ neck can be weigh up to 500 pounds.

Even Rhinoceros Beetle is really strong. It is so strong, that it can carry up to 850 times its weight on its back. Now if you are that strong, you would be able to carry up to 76 family sized cars on your back.

Now here is something kind of cool. So, tigers have stripes, right? Well, if you shave a tiger, not only are their stripes in their fur but there also in printed on their skin as well. And if you don’t believe me, why don’t you try shaving a tiger.

So if you think you’re ex boy friend eats a lot. An elephant eats up to 500 pounds of hay a day, and drinks up 60 gallons of water a day.

So how do you tell the difference between a Toad in frog? Well, one way is that a frog can jump but a Toad can’t.

Most snakes lay eggs, but an anaconda which is the worlds largest snake doesn’t, it actually gives birth to live young.

See, you probably think all zebras look alike because of their stripes, but their stripes are actually like finger prints. No two zebras have the same stripes.

You probably think elephants aren’t good swimmers, but that’s not true. Elephants have been seen swimming for miles off the shore at the Indian Ocean.

And another interesting thing about elephants is that they are the only mammal in the world that can’t jump. You better get your floaties on, because in an upcoming video, we are going to give you new facts about marine animals. And in a future video, facts about drugs.

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