Facebook 乱七八糟的新闻真是越来越多了,其中最乱的可能就是和用户隐私有关的这些了。




Facebook is currently investigating the extent to which it accidentally logged and stored unencrypted password data, according to security expert Brian Krebs. 

This is just the latest in a long line of privacy-related scandals Facebook has endured, further calling into question its ability to keep users secure.

Citing anonymous sources, the report says Facebook employees built applications that stored password data for between 200 million and 600 million users in plain text on internal servers.

More than 20,000 Facebook employees had searchable access to those accounts. The investigation is ongoing, but already the company has found vulnerable data that dates back to 2012, writes Krebs.

His source says 2,000 developers and engineers turned up plain text passwords within 9 million data queries. The company allegedly does not know how many passwords were exposed, or for how long.

Facebook has come under scrutiny for the way it handles user data, and with whom it shares that data. 

In September 2018, the company revealed an attack on its network that affected the personal data of some 50 million accounts. More recently, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg vowed to take user privacy more seriously and promised more encryption and other privacy tools. 

Critics called into question Facebook’s ability to develop a privacy-centered platform–and the consequences of such a move, since encryption could make it more difficult to track toxic content on the platform.

In a conversation with Krebs, Facebook engineer Scott Renfro said users would not likely have to change their passwords, because there was no evidence that employees searched for passwords explicitly. 
在与克雷布斯的谈话中,Facebook工程师 斯科特·弗兰洛表示,用户不太可能需要更改密码,因为没有证据表明员工会明确地搜索密码。

In a blog post on password security, Facebook noted that it expects to notify, “hundreds of millions of Facebook Light users, tens of millions of other Facebook users, and tens of thousands of Instagram users.”




1)privacy-related adj.与隐私有关的

这是一个很方便的构词方法,当表示“与……有关的”时候,可以直接在名词后面加上 -related


2)cite v.引用

文中的 citing 是 cite 的现在分词,当要表示“引用一下……的话”时,可以直接在句首用这种 citing sb. 的结构。


3)searchable adj.可搜索的

这个词是 search + able

search 是“搜索”,able 表示“能”,所以加起来就是“可以搜索的”。

同样的构词法案例还有很多,比如 do + able 的 doable,表示“可以做的”。