Tim Cook changes name to “Tim Apple” after Trump gaffe.

President Trump made a pretty noticeable gaffe when speaking about Tim Cook at an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board meeting.

Cook was in attendance along with the president where American business leaders and government officials discussed the U.S. economy and jobs.

Sitting next to the Apple CEO at the event, Trump said:

“People like Tim — you’re expanding all over and doing things that I really wanted you to do right from the beginning. I used to say, ‘Tim, you gotta start doing it here,’ and you really have you’ve really put a big investment in our country. We appreciate it very much, Tim Apple.”


Needless to say, many in the tech press had some fun with Trump’s gaffe–and now it seems like the Apple CEO himself has joined in on the ribbing.

Now Tim Cook changed his official name on social media to read “Tim [Apple logo]” in reference to the president's flub.

We've screenshotted the name change here as we're sure Cook will want his real last name back sometime in the near future.