With show-stopping performances, incredible medleys, and even Alicia Keys playing two pianos at the same time, this year's Grammys is already winning plenty of praise from the audience.

But no moment won more applause then when Michelle Obama surprised everyone at the start.

The former First Lady stunned the star-studded audience as she walked onto the stage at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

Fans were screaming and blowing kisses to Michelle as she smiled before saying 'We've got a show to do!' and began laughing with her co-presenters.

Michelle absolutely sparkled as she stood alongside Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Keys to discuss how music has always helped her tell her story.
当米歇尔和Lady Gaga、詹妮弗·洛佩兹、贾达·萍克特·史密斯和凯斯站在一起,与他们谈论音乐是如何帮助她讲述自己的故事时,米歇尔毋庸置疑是光彩照人的。

'Music helps us share ourselves, our dignity and sorrows, our hopes our joys.'

Michelle walked onto the stage in a dazzling Sachin & Babi outfit that featured a billowing silver blouse with matching slacks and a sparkling belt wrapped above her hips.
米歇尔身穿耀眼的Sachin & Babi套装,银色衬衫搭配宽松的长裤,还系着一条闪闪发光的腰带。

And it was an incredible night of celebrating not only music but women in the music industry as Cardi B, Kacey Musgraves, and Lady Gaga took many of the biggest honors of the night.
这是一个美妙的夜晚,不仅庆祝音乐,还致敬音乐行业的女性,Cardi B,凯茜·马斯格雷夫斯和Lady Gaga拿下了当晚许多的大奖。