A three-year-old has been dubbed Britain's brainiest child with an IQ of 171 making her 'smarter than Einstein',who had an IQ of 160.

Ophelia Morgan-Dew, of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire spoke her first word 'hiya' which had two syllables at eight months and quickly learned numbers, colours and the alphabet. She can even remember things that happened before she was ONE - most adults have no memories before the age of three.

Her mum Natalie realized she was bright and took her to experts who have given her an IQ score - of 171, which is higher than Arnav Sharma, 11, (162), and Rahul Doshi, 12, (162) previously hailed as Britain's cleverest kids.
妈妈娜塔莉意识到她很聪明,于是带她去看专家。经测定,奥菲莉亚智商171,超过早前的“神童”— 阿尔纳夫·夏尔马(11岁),智商162;拉胡尔·多希(12岁),智商162。

Ophelia is now Britain's youngest member of MENSA and is said to have the intellectual capacity of a child more than twice her age. She is now in the top 0.03 percent of the population in terms of brain power.

Natalie said: “She loves reading books with me or her dad, and she loves number work and letters and the computer. She is quite an active child, always likes to be doing something and is very spirited. She loves playing with her cousins and going to the park. Ophelia is such a beautiful girl and I would be proud of her no matter what she achieved, as long as she was healthy and happy.”

“A lot of people, including myself, almost shy away from celebrating their children's intellectual achievement, there seems to be a stigma around it. But then I thought it is no different to parents celebrating a medal in a sports event, so she deserves praise for being so clever.”

She was exceeding all her early learning goals, so her family took her see a child psychologist in London.