Many of us are guilty of jumping into an Uber after having one too many drinks.

But that could soon be about to change.

According to a new patent application, Uber is working on a way to let its drivers know exactly how drunk passengers are before they pick them up.

The AI system identifies a user's level of intoxication based on how they're holding their phone.

It also looks at how many times they tap on the Uber app, exactly where they tap, their walking speed and how long it takes for them to request a ride.

It then identifies if they're exhibiting 'uncharacteristic' behaviour and gives drivers the option to deny them a ride.

Uber is also exploring the possibility of matching inebriated passengers with drivers who have had relevant training to deal with drunk behaviour.

As well as the way a passenger uses their phone, the algorithm will take into account if someone is ordering a ride in the early hours of the morning from an area where there are lots of bars.

Users that are drunk may also be presented with an alternative, easy-to-use version of the app.

The app may change the pick-up or drop-off location to somewhere safer or more accessible.

It could also prevent the passenger from joining shared rides.

However, experts fear it may allow drivers to undertake 'drunk hunting'.

Professor Andre Spicer, from Cass Business School in London, said: 'This opens up the opportunity for drivers to identify drunk passengers and potentially take advantage of it.

'It could lead to the possibility of some drivers avoiding drunk passengers and in the worst cases 'drunk hunting'.