What is the most awkward moment that happened to you due to your clothes?


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I went for an internship in Bangalore in one of the India ’s most reputed online retail company, Flipkart, in my 3rd year summers. Since Flipkart does not have any dress code, I used to go for work in half pants, a half T-shirt (offered by Flipkart with a logo of it on the front) and a pair of chappal.

The company used to pay me a nice amount of stipend and I decided to buy two HTC Desire 828 smart phones for my parents. I ordered them from Flipkart, and got them the next day. Now I decided to have screen covers for these two expensive gifts. In the evening while returning back from work, I went inside a mobile shop and asked the boy to put two screen covers on the phones. The boy looked at me, my Flipkart T-shirt and my chappal and then started his work. After a few minutes,
公司付给我不菲的工资,我决定给父母买两部HTC Desire 828智能手机,我从Flipkart公司里预定的,第二天就到货了,我想去给这两个昂贵的礼物贴膜,晚上下班回家时我走进一家手机店,让男店员给我的两部手机贴膜,他看看我,看看我的FlipkartT恤和凉鞋,然后开始贴膜,几分钟以后,

Boy: So where are you going to deliver these ? (as if I am a delivery boy)

Me: ummmmm…

I took a short pause to think why he said so.

Me: These are for my parents, I bought them.

Boy: Oh nice.

Another pause.

Boy: So what are the new offers, that Flipkart will be offering this upcoming month?

I took another pause to think now why is he asking me this question.

Me: ummm… Actually I am there as a software developer. So I don’t know.

Boy: Okay, okay.

While coming back from Bangalore to my home town in West Bengal, I didn’t put on my Flipkart T-shirt, otherwise people would have thought, that Flipkart has raised its standard and delivery boys are delivering by flights.


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It was really very awkward. This is the first time I am sharing this story.

This happened to me when I was in 9th standard. I belong to a financially sound family but I think my dress sense was very poor.

So, I with my family was on a pilgrimage. I was least interested to visit the holy place, so I just sat near the pond over there.

There was a little girl who along with her mother was giving 2rs to all the beggars and enjoying a lot. I saw her joy and was very happy so I smiled at her, she smiled back. Then the main part comes…

Her mother asked her- didi ko paise die ya nhi? (Have you given her alms or not??)
她妈妈问她-- didi ko paise die ya nhi?(你施舍给她了吗?)

It was so embarrassing for me that I couldn't utter a word and accepted the alms.

Even today I have those 2rs safe with me to remind me of the lesson that dress sense does matter.