An Italian fashion label has attracted criticism from around the world after releasing a new collection taking inspiration from a historical period of empire-building associated with slavery and genocide.

Big Uncle, a Milan-based clothing firm for men, denies endorsing "a historical bloody period full of atrocities", but describes its new "Colonial Deal" range as a "short and intense journey in the West [sic] former colonies in order to understand the Colonialism style", adding "[some of] the linen is rough like the faces consumed by the sun". Among the items in the range is a jumper emblazoned with the word "colonialism".
米兰男装品牌Big Uncle否认其宣扬的是“血腥残暴的历史时期”,称新款系列“殖民”是“基于紧凑的欧洲前殖民时期短途游而创立、理解殖民时期风格的产品”,“亚麻很粗糙,就像晒伤的脸。”这个卫衣系列上都写着“殖民主义”。

Mireille Harper launched a petition demanding the line be axed after encountering it online which has gathered hundreds of signatures from around the world.
米瑞拉·哈博(Mireille Harper)在网上看到这个系列后,发出请愿,要求砍掉该系列,请愿已获得全球数以千计的签名支持。

“Whether Big Uncle’s views are misguided or downright racist, I cannot argue, however they appear to have a complete lack of understanding for people of colour who continue to live with the intergenerational trauma that lingers today in all pockets of society, particularly in their own country of origin, Italy, where racism, prejudice and discriminatory behaviour continues, with the most recent migrant shooting in Macerata being a stark reminder of this.”
“不管Big Uncle是无心之失,还是直截了当地表达种族歧视,我都没法说他们是缺乏对少数族裔的了解而做这件事,至今仍有少数族裔生活在祖辈留下的创伤中,他们遍布社会方方面面,尤其是在意大利这样的国家,种族歧视、偏见和歧视仍然没有消灭,最近发生在马切拉塔的移民枪击案就是再明显不过的警示。”

Colonialism is defined as a country or government taking a land by political or military force, then exploiting its resources, manpower and wealth.

Ms Harper's campaign has received support from more than 500 people.

A Big Uncle spokesman defended the collection, claiming it was not glorifying the bloodshed and cultural hegemony of imperialism but celebrating the ‘XIX century’s clothing style’. He added writing colonialism on a T-shirt did not mean to celebrate the historical period, but was intended to get people to reflect on it.
Big Uncle发言人仍然在为该系列辩护,说这个款式不是要崇尚血腥的帝国主义文化掠夺,只是在推崇“19世纪服装风格”。在T恤上写殖民主义不是为了宣扬,只是要提醒人们勿忘历史。

Marc Jacobs was accused of cultural appropriation following its use of dreadlocks at its Spring 2017 show in New York.
2017年,Marc Jacobs在其纽约春装秀上惊现“骇人”长发绺,被以文化抄袭的名义控告。

H&M was also forced to issue an apology after it released an advert depicting a black child wearing a monkey jumper.