He is a huge fan of Game of Thrones and the leading lady of the series Emilia Clarke, who plays DaenerysTargaryen.
他是《权力的游戏》以及剧中饰演DaenerysTargaryen的女演员Emilia Clarke的一位重量级粉丝.

And so much so that Brad Pitt pledged $120,000 (£88,400) to watch the HBO show alongside the actress when he attended the Sean Penn's JP HRO Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday.
布拉德皮特周六在参加西恩·潘的JP HRO联欢晚会上,承诺掷重金12万美元(折合8万8千400英镑)和女演员一起就坐来观看HBO的这档节目。

The Fight Club actor, 54, sadly lost the bidding battle, which opened at $20,000 (£15,000), to an unknown attendee at the star-studded occasion.

Snatch star Brad showed his interest by offering up $80,000 (£59,000) before upping the stakes to $90,000 (£66,000).

The auctioneer reportedly shouted 'Is the King of the North here?' when GoT star Kit Harington returned from the toilet.
当拍卖师喊道“北部的国王在这么?”《权游》的明星Kit Harington刚从洗手间回来。

Famed for his role as Jon Snow, who becomes the on-screen lover of the Mother of Dragons in season seven, it is no surprise Kit put himself forward to join Emilia and the lucky winner in the private screening.

Unable to believe his luck, Brad put forward his largest sum $120,000 (£88,400) but the Hollywood actor still lost out in the bidding war.

The winner of the envy-inducing prize secured their victory by putting down an impressive $160,000 (£117,899)

Sean Penn's JP HRO Gala was hosted for a whole host of stars in the showbiz circuit including the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio and Arnold Schwarzenegger.
西恩·潘的JP HRO联欢晚会上招待了演艺圈的一众明星,包括莱昂纳多迪卡普奥,阿诺施瓦辛格。

It is an exciting time for the great and the good of the celebrity world, with the hottest events on the calendar fastly approaching.

The gala came after the revelation fans will have a long time to wait as Game of Thrones won't return to the small screen until 2019.

It will come as a disappointment for followers after Sophie Turner, who plays Sansa Stark, had told Variety that production on Season 8 began in October, with producers hoping to air the show in the middle of 2018.
之前剧中扮演Sansa Stark的演员Sophie Turner,在接受Variety 采访是透露第八季会在2018年10月开播,制片人希望早一点在2018年中旬开播,(之后获悉要等到2019),粉丝们的失望可想而知。

Pushing back GOT's screen time will give author George R.R. Martin more time to release the next book in his hit A Song Of Ice And Fire series, The Winds Of Winter, according to Entertainment Weekly. 
根据《娱乐周刊》, 回到《权游》的开播时间问题,多等待的时间会给作者George R.R. Martin来发布《冰与火之歌》系列新书——《凛冬的寒风》。