Tiffany & Co. has simplified the matter of breakfasting at Tiffany's. No longer must all the would-be Holly Golightlys wander the concrete below, coffee and croissant in hand, looking up at the store windows. They'll have the Blue Box Café—the first of its kind—which opens at the New York flagship on Friday.
蒂凡尼让早餐这件事更简单了。再过不久,人人都能像《罗马假日》中的霍莉·戈莱特利(Holly Golightlys)一样,游走在蒂凡尼店铺附近,端着咖啡,拿着点心,抬头看看窗户。他们身处蓝格咖啡馆(Blue Box Café)——周五,蒂芙尼将在纽约开的第一家咖啡店。

Today's Golightlys will sit up on the fourth floor and look down Fifth Avenue to where Central Park begins. Their coffee and croissant will cost $29 and come with a choice of avocado toast, truffled eggs, or a smoked salmon bagel with schmear. Today's Golightlys will have options.

The Blue Box Café is tucked into the fourth floor at 727 Fifth Avenue, part of a wholly renovated space that showcases a luxury home and accessories collection, the first major project from Reed Krakoff, who became the company's chief artistic officer in January.
蓝格咖啡馆坐落在第五大道727号四楼,新装修,奢侈品和配饰比比皆是,映入眼帘的第一件设计来自瑞德·克拉考夫 (Reed Krakoff)。克拉考夫于一月上任蒂凡尼首席艺术总监。

The renovated floor, which one moves through to get to the café, is clearly aimed at a younger patron. Gone is all the masculine wood paneling and stately dark marble (though they remain on the three floors below). In their place is light marble and white walls, full of nooks for exploring and eminently Instagrammable whimsy.

Richard Moore, the vice president creative director overseeing all things store and window design, told Vanity Fair that the café is “yet another reason to visit our new fourth floor, and we hope it will draw customers up to experience the artfully composed home of Tiffany’s new luxury home and accessories collection of elevated everyday objects.”
创意副总监理查德·摩尔(Richard Moore)负责监管一切展品和窗户设计,他告诉杂志Vanity Fair,“咖啡馆是顾客参观蒂凡尼四楼的原因之一,我们希望顾客能在这里感受蒂凡尼新居设计的艺术感,也能欣赏到每天更新的配饰展览。”