Anyone who has had the opportunity to visit cities like London, New York or Los Angeles has certainly visited (or at least considered visiting) some museum of wax statues to take a picture close to the replicas of their idols.

Some sculptures really are impressive and look like the real stars, flesh and bones, but this one of Lady Gaga did not look so nice.
有些蜡像确实栩栩如生,让人印象深刻,像是真的血肉之躯,但是有一尊Lady Gaga的蜡像看起来有点丑。

A museum in Lima, Peru, exhibited the piece – at least quite odd – representing Gaga, wearing her famous dress of flesh. The features of the statue are very different from the features of the artist.

Fans were outraged and expressed their frustrations on twitter

“It's a wax sculpture of an alien cockroach that murdered Lady Gaga and is wearing her skin,” one Twitter user wrote. “

Another user tweeted, “How on earth did someone get paid to professionally make a Lady Gaga wax figure that looks like this?”
“把Lady Gaga的蜡像做成这样还能得到报酬,世界上还有这样的荒唐事?”另一名推特用户吐槽道。