What do you like about yourself?


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I’m Chinese and we are taught to be humble, which includes not to brag about ourselves. But what the hell, I can do something new as a change.

1.I’m curious. I am 27 and I didn’t have a chance to live outside of China (California) until about 3 years ago. People are amazed by my bilingual ability. I give credit to my curiosity for western society, and my urge to share my native culture.

2.I’m always smiling when I’m in public. There have been people telling me that whenever they see me, I always have a smile on my face.

3.I’ve been financially independent since I was 18, and I have the amount of saving which most adults at my age would be proud of. I was working various part time jobs in college to gain money, experience and insight. So far, after graduation my jobs have included being a pub waitress, translator, website evaluator, journalist, financial controller.. and the list goes on.

4.I try to improve myself, every single day. I have bad days, days I don’t want to work/exercise/study/simply get out of bed. I make up those days with working extra hard on days when I’m more productive.

5.I’m book smart (not sure about street smart though). I can learn pretty much everything pretty well as long as I set my mind to. My high school was the best in the region with an admission rate lower than 2%. Without surprise, I was accepted by a tier 1 university in Shanghai (In China, we have 5 tiers for universities).

6.I’m a diligent listener. I am usually the quiet one in a group and enjoy absorbing ideas and thoughts from different voices.

7.I take care of my body. I exercise regularly. I eat homemade food. I take time to meditate and ensure mental health.

8.I’m frugal and a minimalist, but in the mean time, I keep an eye out for new inventions/trends. Can’t stop being curious.

9.I’m the perfect roommate. I clean. I cook. I am super quiet. I don’t invite friends over unless special occasions. I don’t own much stuff. Oh, I pay rent on time too.

10.I think I’m quite good looking.

11. I can draw and I enjoy doing it.

12. I take pretty photos.