SHERLOCK star Benedict Cumberbatch could have earned £240,000 at one event just by posing for pictures with fans.
饰演夏洛克的演员卷福本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇(Benedict Cumberbatch)一次能赚24万英镑,而他要做的只是站在那摆姿势和粉丝拍照。

They were charged £75 a time to have their photo taken with the actor, 41, who posed for 3,190 snaps over two days.

It means Benedict, worth an estimated £25million, would have made £239,250 just on pictures  — assuming he got it all.

But hundreds of fans would also have forked out £85 for an autograph and £25 to hear him talk to an audience.

One film buff, known only as Eva, 47, was happy to spend a total of £225 for the top package. She said: “After a silly pic, brilliant talk and a lovely autograph I'm going to call it quits. I'm tired but happy.”

But one unimpressed parent dubbed him “Benedict Moneysnatch”.

Benedict was the star attraction at the London Film and Comic Convention held at Olympia at the end of July.
7月底,卷福在奥林匹亚伦敦电影喜剧节(London Film and Comic Convention)上是最受瞩目的明星。

It is not clear how much of the cash the stars actually get. Benedict was unavailable for comment.