Bonhams London is holding an auction that will feature several of the vehicles previously owned by members of the British royal family. The international auction house plans to auction Queen Elizabeth II's Bentley, Princess Margaret's Rolls-Royce, and the family's 1968 Land Rover Series IIA at Goodwood Revival, an annual three-day festival featuring mid-century road racing cars and motorcycles.
伦敦宝龙拍卖行(Bonhams London)即将拍卖英国王室的几辆座驾。这家国际拍卖行计划拍卖伊丽莎白女王的宾利、玛格丽特公主的劳斯莱斯,以及重新恢复赛车会时王室的1968路虎IIA。赛车会为期3天,每年举办一次,以20世纪中期的赛车和摩托车为主。

The Queen's car is estimated to be worth between $190,000-$216,000, and Princess Margaret's vehicle is about $84,000-$108,000 dollars, Bonhams spokeswoman Poppy McKenzie Smith told
伦敦宝龙的发言人博比·米肯哲·史密斯(Poppy McKenzie Smith)告诉时尚芭莎(伊丽莎白女王的宾利估价约在19万到21.6万美元之间,玛格丽特公主的劳斯莱斯为8.4万到10.8万美元之间。

The Queen's 2012 Bentley Mulsanne Saloon was used primarily for formal occasions, such as when Her Majesty attended a Cabinet Meeting with former Prime Minister David Cameron.

Princess Margaret's Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith II has features unique to a vehicle previously owned by a royal, including a mount for the Standard Pennant, Royal Crest mountings, police lights and a raised rear bench seat that enabled the Princess to be easily seen through the windows. But the coolest thing about the car? It was once loaned to Princess Diana and former U.S. President Ronald Reagan and his wife Nancy, a Bonhams press release states.

Smith said the Queen will be not be present at the auction, since the cars are sold through a private collection. "Once the royal family have decided that they no longer need their cars, they are decommissioned and sold privately," she added.

Several security features are removed before the vehicle is returned to the manufacturer , but one specification that was seemingly overlooked this time was the Bentley's navigation system. "The most unusual feature is the fact that on the Queen's Bentley, when you press 'home' on the satellite navigation, it directs you to Windsor Castle!" Smith said.