Apple is changing the iPhone. Multiple leaks repeatedly argued that after three generations of virtually identical design, the iPhone 8 will celebrate the range’s 10th anniversary in style.
苹果公司正在改变iPhone(苹果手机)。透露出来的多条消息再三表明,经过了三代几乎相同的设计后,iPhone 8将改变设计风格来庆祝这一系列的10周年。

Reddit user kamikasky has shared photos of the iPhone 8’s front and back panels. The shots tie in perfectly with previous leaks, showing an almost bezel-less design.
红迪网(一个社交新闻站点)用户卡米卡斯基分享了iPhone 8前后面板的照片。这些照片与之前透露的信息紧密地联系在一起,展示了新款手机几乎无框的设计。

I say “almost” as the fascia has a small cutout at the top for the front facing camera and sensors. In addition to this there is also a vertically aligned rear camera.

Again all this information aligns exactly with previous leaks. But it isn’t only the iPhone 8 which has had its secrets spilled.
所有的这些信息再一次与先前透露的消息相一致。但是秘密被泄漏的并不只有iPhone 8。

Alongside it are backs for an incrementally upgraded iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus which show both phones will also switch from an aluminium chassis to glass, which kamikasky says is in order to bring wireless charging. It had been thought this long awaited feature would be an iPhone 8 exclusive.
同时还有逐步升级的iPhone 7S和iPhone 7S Plus的相关信息,据透露,这两款手机也将从铝质外壳转换成玻璃质外壳,卡米卡斯基称这是为了接入无线充电功能。人们之前以为,这项期待已久的功能将会是iPhone 8的专有配置。

Interestingly kamikasky says “Chinese manufacturers got these [parts] last week” which would make sense given Apple’s need to begin scaling production several months before release.

As always caution is importantand until Tim Cook is standing with these new iPhones in his hand doubt will remain.

In fact the biggest remaining question at this stage might just be what to call it?