1. What is your goal or objective?


2. What do you offer? Identify the skills and accomplishments that make you stand out from other people in your industry.


3. What do you do? Include information about your goal or objective as it relates to your target audience.


4. What problems do you solve? Every job description stems from a company's problem or specific need. Make sure you know how your contributions will make a difference for the organizations you target.


5. What results do you create? Think about your accomplishments in your current or past positions.


Use this format to plan your reply:


I work with (target audience) to (what problem do you solve). This is how (your results).


I collaborate with non-profit organizations that support women's causes to create, organize, and run fundraising events that raise money from previously untapped donor bases. Last year, we increased donations by more than 50 percent and broke all of our fundraising records.


Keep in mind: One trick to a successful pitch is to eliminate jargon or other language your target audience won't understand. This is especially important for career changers: don't rely on lingo from your previous career to appeal to new networking contacts. Focus your comments to appeal to your new audience and you'll be much more successful impressing them with your knowledge, skills, and abiliti


With a well-planned, succinct, targeted introduction, you'llinspire additional conversation with your networking contacts. Prepare to ask for a formal meeting to share ideas and insights, but always be ready to detail your expertise in-depth and on the spot if someone asks. Always be ready to answer questions about how you accomplished your goals and solved problems in the past and to explain how those experiences make you a good fit for your targeted opportunity.