there be 结构

基本句型 结构 例句
肯定句 there be +主+其它 There is a map on the wall.
否定句 there be + not +主+其它 There is not a map on the wall.
一般疑问句 be + there +主+其它 Is there a map on the wall?
肯定与否定回答   Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.
是的,有。/ 不,没有。
特殊疑问句及回答 特殊疑问词+ be + there +主+其它  —How many maps are there on the wall? 墙上有多少张地图?
—There are two. 有两张。

There be 句型也可以由其它动词代替be,常用的词有seem to be, happen to be, appear to be, used to be 等词组或用live, come, stand, lie, occur, exist, flow等动词。
There seems to be much hope of our team beating theirs.
Only there lived an old fisherman in a village by the sea.

There be 之后如有几个并列主语时,用is或用are要取决于第一个主语是单数还有复数,单数用is,复数则用are。
There is a pen, a pencil and two books on the desk.
There are two books, a pen and a pencil on the desk.


1、Is ______ a typewriter in the room?
A.he B.there D.has

2、There’s no one in the house, is ______? B.he C.there D.they

3、______ must be something wrong.
A.It B.He C.There D.They

4、______ there anyone around?
A.Was B.Were C.There D.Has

5、______ used to be a church round the corner.
A.Here B.There C.It D.It is

6、It is reported that ______ is going to be a storm. B.there C.× D.the weather

7、There ______ still a lot of work to be done before the house is ready for occupation.
A.are B.were D.have

8、There is a girl ______ for the bus. wait B.waiting C.waited D.wait

9、There ______ a pine tree at the top of the hill.
A.stands B.lies C.lives D.has

10、______ will be a good film on at the Rex next week.
A.There B.It C.That D.This


1、There it must have been a mistake.
        A   B    C         D
2、There is going to have an English party at the weekend.
                     A         B                     C    D
3、Is there any one who waiting to see me ?
     A              B             C            D
4、There have a man sitting beyond that fence.
                A                B         C       D
5、It was a car ready for us.
     A   B             C     D

(后设答案,大家不要偷看哦,(*^__^*) 嘻嘻……)


1. B 2. C 3. C 4. A 5. B 6. B
7. C 8. B 9. A 10. A

1. B it 去掉
2. B have-be
3. C who后加is 或把who去掉
4. A have-is
5. A It -There