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    to the midnight, the staff can tell you the suitable goods, which can save customers’ time and money Topic Seven: Environment and Pollution 环保;环保方式;绿色植物;环境污染原因  Q:How to protect the environment? Planting trees is a good way to protect the environment. First, trees help people keep healthy physically

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    ) 判断题 1. T 2. NG 3. F 4. F 5. T 6. F   7-13) 填空题 7. emotions 8. gestures 9. orders 10. personality 11. strategies 12. explanation 13. competitor   Passage2: going with the flow – Florida bay’s ecological problems 旧题 文章原文:海湾污染。   答案回忆: 14-17) 段落信息配对 14. See grass turned to be more resistant

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    就到香港去购物,昨天才回来。   She came back yesterday from Hong Kong where she had gone shopping after the meeting in Shenzhen.(时间顺序的转换)   雅思写作技巧之三、段落篇章   这里篇章包括段落和全文。总体而言,英文篇章,一般都采用直

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    :音乐表演 新题 文章大意:影响音乐家表演的原因 musician and performance   答案回忆: 14-20 标题配对 14. vi 15. i 16. vii 17. iv 18. v 19. viii 20. ii   21-22 多选 21. C 22. E   23-26 完成句子 待补充   Passage3:indoor air pollution 旧题 文章大意:室内炉灶空气污染   答案回忆: 27-31 选择 27.  A 28.  C 29.  B 30.  A 31.  D   32-36 判断 32.  YES 33.  NG 34.  NO 35.  NO 36.  YES   37-40 配对 37. C 38. G 39. B 40. E   (答案仅供参考)  

  • 2018年6月英语六级翻译答案及点评试卷二:自行车(沪江网校版)

    建了自行车道。现在,越来越多的中国人也喜欢通过骑车健身。 基础版 Bike was the most important way of transportation in China’s cities and villages. China was once named “the kingdom of bikes”. Nowadays, with the traffic jams in cities and the more and more serious air pollution, bike-riding is becoming popular again. Recently, Chinese businesspeople have combined mobile internet technology with traditional bikes. They invented a new business mode called sharing bikes. The appearance of sharing bikes made it more convenient to go out by bikes. People just need a cellphone to use sharing bikes at any time. To encourage people to go out by bikes, many cities have built bike lanes. Nowadays, more and more Chinese people like to do exercise by riding bikes. 进阶版 Bicycles used to be the primary mode of transportation in urban and rural China, making China once called the Bicycle Kingdom. Currently, with the rising severity of traffic congestion in cities and air pollution day by day, riding bicycles has gained its popularity again. Recently, Chinese entrepreneurs have combined mobile Internet technology with traditional bicycles, and invented a business model named bike sharing. The occurrence of bikes to share has made traveling by bike even more convenient. Just with a cellphone, people can take the advantage of shared bikes anytime. In order to motivate people to bike, a lot of cities have constructed bicycle lanes. Now, a growing number of Chinese people also like to work out through cycling. 本次翻译难度适中,处理方式在上课时均有讲解: 首先,一些专用的词汇,用词需要尽量准确,比如企业家(entrepreneur),商业模式(business model)。如果分别说成businesspeople或者business mode,就有可能会丢分。 另外在翻译词组的时候,要注意词性和句子中的成分。同为“共享单车”,在作为一个商业模式名称的时候,重点是说“共享”这个模式,所以可以用bike sharing词组。而在描述可以供人骑的“共享单车”的时候,重点就是车了,所以可以翻译成share bike。 最后,空气污染(air pollution)、交通工具(mode of transportation)等等,都是四六级翻译的高频词组。 总之,只要课上所污染讲到的技巧大家都熟练掌握了,翻。而在译部分得到12分左右应该是完全没有问题的。而要追求近乎满分的话,则对考生的中英文功底都会有较大的挑战。    

  • 2018年6月英语六级翻译训练:环境与工业

    立了世界著名的生态工程“三北防护林工程"(the Three-North Shelter Forest Program)。此外,中国也在大力发展自然保护区,颁布了《环境保护法》(The law on Environmental Protection),加强环保意识和环保教育。目前,环境治理已取得明显成效,大部分城市环境和农业生态环境得到了很大改善,工业污染防治能力也大大提高。 参考译文: China is a major developing country undergoing rapid industrialization. The environmental problem in China is getting more and more serious, thus environmental protection has been taken as one of the basic national policies by the government. In recent years, the government has taken lots of measures to improve the environment governance, such as carrying out the world famous ecological project“the Three-North Shelter Forest Program”.Moreover, China has been greatly developing the natural reserves.“The Law on Environmental Protection”has been issued to strengthen the awareness and education of environmental protection. Now, distinct achievements have been gained in environmental governance.The environment in most cities and the agricultural ecological environment around the country have been greatly improved.The capability of preventing and controlling industrial pollution has been highly enhanced. 1.发展中国家中的大国:可译为a major developing country。 2.变得日益严峻:可译为is getting more and more serious或is getting increasingly serious。 3.三北防护林工程:即the Three-North Shelter Forest Program。 4.自然保护区:译为natural reserves。 5.颁布了《环境保护法》:《环境保护法》即“The Law on Environmental Protection'“颁布”可用issue—词表达。 6.环境治理已取得明显成效:翻译该句时可使用被动语态,译为distinct achievements have been gained in environmental governance。 以上就是小编为各位考生总结的2018年英语六级翻译训练,希望各位考生多多练习,争取在2018年6月的英语四六级考试中取得好成绩~

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    body. 55. What happened to the ship Olympic in the end? A) She was used to carry troops. B) She was sunk in World War Ⅰ. C) She was converted into a hospital ship.  D) She was retired after her naval service. 翻译 地铁 近年来,中国有越来越多的城市开始建设地铁。发展地铁有助于减少城市的交通拥堵和空气污染。地铁具有安全、快捷和舒适的优点。越来越多的人选择地铁作为每天上班或上学的主要交通工具

  • 2018年6月英语六级翻译答案及点评试卷一:汽车(沪江网校版)

    过去,拥有一辆私家车对大部分中国人而言是件奢侈的事。如今,私家车在中国随处可见。汽车成了人们生活中不可或缺的一部分,他们不仅开车上下班,还经常驾车出游。有些城市的汽车增长速度过快,以至于交通拥堵和停车位不足的问题日益严峻,这些城市的市政府不得不出台新规,限制上路汽车的数量。由于空气污染日益严重,现在越来越多的人选择购买新能源汽车,中国政府也采取了一些措施,支持新能源汽车的发展。 基础版 In the past, for most Chinese people, it was too expensive to have a car. Nowadays, private cars are everywhere. Cars have become an essential part of people’s life, they not only drive cars to and from work, but also drive cars to travel. In some cities, the number of the cars increased so fast that crowded traffic and not enough parking lots are more and more serious problems. These city governments had to make new rules to control the number of cars on the roads. Because the air pollution is more and more serious, nowadays more and more people choose to buy new energy cars. Chinese government also made some methods to support the development of new energy cars. 进阶版 In the past, owning a private car was a luxury for the majority of Chinese people. Nowadays, such cars are all over China. Cars have been an inseparable part of people’s life. Not only do people drive cars to commute, but they also travel by car. In some cities, the number of cars is growing so rapidly that the problems of congested traffic and insufficient parking spaces are increasingly severe. Municipal governments of these cities have to enact new regulations and limit the number of automobiles on roads. As the air pollution being more serious day by day, a growing number of people choose to purchase new energy cars. The Chinese government has also adopted some measures to support the development of new energy vehicles. 本次翻译难度适中,处理方式在上课时均有讲解: 词汇方面:难度稍大的词汇、短语:奢侈(luxury),上下班(commute),市政府(municipal government)可以使用一些简单表达,如expensive, go and from work, local government 来代替。 精准的词汇选择,如enact new regulations, to limit the number of, adopt some measures是翻译的高分利器,但在拿捏不准的时候,选用一些简单但使用范围较大的词,比如make rules,control同样可以确保拿分。 句子方面,长句往往可以拆分后再进行翻译:“有些城市的汽车增长速度过快,以至于交通拥堵和停车位不足的问题日益严峻,这些城市的市政府不得不出台新规,限制上路汽车的数量。”可以拆分成两句。有个小的点需要留意一下: “有些城市的汽车增长速度过快”,该句主体确切来说是“汽车的数量”,建议使用“the number of cars increased so fast…” 总之,只要课上所讲到的技巧大家都熟练掌握了,翻译部分得到12分左右应该是完全没有问题的。而要追求近乎满分的话,则对考生的中英文功底都会有较大的挑战。    

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    就到香港去购物,昨天才回来。She came back yesterday from Hong Kong where she had gone shoppingafter the meeting in Shenzhen.(时间顺序的转换)   段落篇章   这里篇章包括段落和全文。总体而言,英文篇章,一般都采用直

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    另一方面?… on the other hand, … 例︰政府应严格执法?另一方面?大众也应该培养减少污染的好习惯。The government should enforce laws strictly. On the other hand, the public also should develop the good habit of reducing pollution. 8.然而?很可惜的是… However, it is a pity that子句 例︰然而?很可惜的是他总是临时抱佛脚。However, it is a pity that he should always cram