• 双语:AI预测《权力的游戏》谁是最后王者!

    权力的游戏》谁是最后王者[/cn] [en]We are just days away from the final season of Game of Thrones, and the predictions just keep rolling in.[/en] [cn]距离《权力的游戏

  • 权力的游戏小说又要拖稿?凛冬之风还写不写?

    到我写完。“[/cn] [en]Not much is known about how The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring will conclude, with speculation raging over how much they will have in common with the Game of Thrones TV show - which ended last month.[/en][cn]关于《凛冬之风》和《春之梦》将

  • 一词日历:权力的游戏最雷人的遗产……

    成了女性赋权的象征。[/cn] [en]Then, in the fifth episode, she wantonly slaughtered thousands of innocents in a fit of rage, becoming the very sort of tyrant she was previously dedicated to overthrowing. That could spell trouble for the thousands of American parents who have named their babies after the character.[/en][cn]然后,在第五集,她在暴怒中肆意屠杀了成千上万无辜的人,成权力的游戏为了她之前致力于推翻的那种暴君。这可能会给成千上万的美国父母带来麻烦,因为他们给自己的孩子取了这个角色的名字。[/cn] [en]Data from the Social Security Administration show that since the HBO version of Game of Thrones first aired in 2011, at least 3,500 American girls have been named either Daenerys or Khaleesi (one of the character's royal titles).[/en][cn]美国社会安全局的数据显示,自2011年HBO版《权力的游戏》首播以来,至少有3500名美国女孩被取名为丹妮莉丝(Daenerys)或卡丽熙(Khaleesi)(这是该角色的王室头衔之一)。[/cn] [en]Included in this tally are a number of common misspellings ("Kaleesi" and "Danerys," for instance).[/en][cn]在这个列表中包括了一些常见的拼写错误(例如“Kaleesi”和“Danerys”)。[/cn] [en]But since the database doesn't include names that appear fewer than five times in a given year, the actual number of children named after the character is almost certainly higher.[/en][cn]但由于数据库不包括在给定年份出现少于5次的名字,因此以该角色命名的孩子的实际数量肯定更高。[/cn]   今日词汇 maniac ['meiniæk]  n. 疯子;躁狂者   在看权游第八季第五集的时候,我满脑子都是这个词。 mania,n. <医>狂躁;狂热 [en]I worked like a maniac[/en][cn]我疯狂工作(比Workaholic程度更甚)[/cn] a baseball maniac 棒球迷  

  • 一词日历:《权力的游戏》在印度也很火,原因尴尬


  • 《权力的游戏》粉丝可以放心了,夜王在挪威被捕

    掉了一座长城)以及有使大片土地变得荒凉的威胁。我们的守夜人如今已逮捕了这名男子,制止了他进一步的犯罪活动。”唷![/cn] [en]Of course, this is all just for fun — no, this wasn't a Night King copycat trying to ice blast anyone's fences — and the post is meant to help garner some good will for the station in the case that the public's assistance is needed for real future crimes.[/en][cn]当然,这一切只是闹着玩的,并没有人假扮成夜王用寒冰袭击任何人的围栏,而且这篇帖子是为了提升人们对警局的拥护,使警局今后在碰到真正的犯罪活动时能够得到公众的帮助。[/cn] [en]So, for now at least, the northern threat is still very much imminent for our heroes in Winterfell and beyond. But still. It's sort of [w]cathartic[/w] to see even a fake(r) Night King taken down a peg, no? If only it were that simple.[/en][cn]所以至少现在临冬城以及其他王国的英雄们依然即将面临北方(异鬼军团)的威胁,但就算看到一个假扮的夜王被教训了一顿是不是也有点大块人心?当然要是事情有这么简单就好了。[/cn]   (翻译:Dlacus)

  • 双语:英国保险公司推出全球首个“权游”剧透保险


  • 一词日历:外媒盘点《权游》全季,说最好看的是这5集

    起手,复活了阵亡的野权力的游戏人和守夜人,而他也被大家做成了表情包。[/cn]   今日词汇 supreme [suˈprim]  adj.最高的   看到Supreme,第一反应这不是一个潮牌吗? 没毛病!Supreme于1994年诞生于美国纽约曼哈顿,由James Jebbia创办,是结合滑板、Hip-hop等文化的美国街头服饰品牌。 supreme Court 最高法院  supreme courage 至上的勇气  

  • 《权游》烂尾,100万粉丝要求重拍,但主演实名反对

    到了“#不是我们要的丹妮”这一热点话题,因为第五集《The Bells》中丹妮莉丝·坦格利安(Emilia Clarke饰演)黑化成了“疯女王”,落差太大,让很多观众感觉这一设定与角色不符,或者至少是来得太突然了。[/cn] [en]"Personally, I'm of the mind that that was completely earned. I think Emilia is amazing. I think it's all there, it's all there," Anderson said of the vocal dissent over Dany's sudden decision to torch King's Landing.[/en][cn]Anderson提到颇具争议的丹妮突然火烧君临城的决游戏定时说:“就我个人而言,我觉得这完全说得通,我觉得Emilia演得很棒。剧里都表达得很明白了,剧里都有的。”[/cn]   翻译:菲菲